More About Me
Listening and watching our conversation go from curiously taking the step to gather some information to that sparkle of hope I see once they realize HEY I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS is priceless.

A true believer in everything is attainable Melanie Batista thrives on showing people the possibility that their home goals can be reached.

" Real estate for so many can feel overwhelming and just the thought alone may even send someone running for the hills BUT I absolutely LOVE when I get a chance to talk to people and educate them on how much this industry has expanded & how it's beneficial to them! Old facts have crumbled allowing the dream of homeownership to quite easily & quickly become a reality."

"I strongly believe that my clients & myself well we're a team!!
For our journey to reach success we will need honesty clear communication respect & please feel free to be yourself! This is a bold adventure & with me we WILL reach your home goal".